So we had the pleasure of being invited to a wonderful hidden gem the other night to check out an illustration exhibit by YOSHIMI OHTANI. The show was great! The wine was wonderful, and the atmosphere was fantastic. You can be sure we will frequent these shows more often.Check out a little about the gallery below along with some pics


No, not "ouch". Pronounced OOH-WOO-CH-I, Ouchi is Japanese for "home" or "house". Our gallery has this name because it displays works by contemporary Japanese artists in a home-like setting. Art should be more than a business commodity. It should transform all of our daily lives, awakening new thoughts and passions each day. The best art teaches that there are no limits to individual pursuits; that our own possibilities are infinite.So when you visit Ouchi Gallery, we hope that you feel both at home and inspired. Perhaps you will feel something exhilarating—a positive "ouch!"

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