So I guess we've decided to keep this blog going, we love it just as much as you do and it allows us to hit you from all angles, we're going o give it a bit of a sprucing up though, lol.

So we got some new ish popping, check out our crazy founding member Mike aka C.J. BROWNE with his new social experiment. He's always wanted to be an MC well now he's giving himself about 1 year and 6 months to get your attention, tour the world, and retire, lol I give him 2 AND 1/2 years. But I'm sure it will be a great experience, he's one of our fearless leaders after all. And the music is actually good. Check out / for some good listenin.

Also we are gearing up for some other cool stuff make sure you check out and is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.



As you know we are avid fans of dope music, we are posting this special post on the old and new sites just to let you know how much we are into DOPE music. One of our favorite labels TRIPLE DOWN, will be having a showcase this FRIDAY!! Here is the info and we can't wait to see you there!!!!


Friday June 26th at Southpaw (125 5th ave park slope, brooklyn)
Triple Down Records Presents:

Me You Us Them
The Javelins
Gold & Gunmetal

with Red Cent and Adaledge tweaking knobs between sets

there will be magicians walking around as well as contests, and a
street fighter tournament



We've had fun here, but like everything we must change, come check us out at,,





The Semifinalists have been announced, be there as history is made once again



Hey, we know its been a while but we had to post this stuff up. We are in the matirix preparing for the new regimes arrival, but until thing check back with us periodically as we fill you in on some of the happenings.

SHOW & PROVE was a really big success, we can't wait for the next 2 , check the pics out and make sure you are there as we make history






Ok people, we know the posts have been coming, about how much your awareness of social responsibility can truly make a change. Here is your chance to truly make a change. Join the Stoked March Membership Drive and get involved in progressing our future through guiding teens and learning how to do some really cool things. Visit and sign up, the process is not for the faint of heart, but it is worth eveyr second of your time.



YUME had a very surreal conversation the other day in reference to the growing number of growing opportunists in the ever changing community in Brooklyn today. Normally we focus more on the global spectrum of things (as YUME is all colors, shapes, and sizes) but we felt it necessary to hone in on this element of the local community at large.

"It is your resonsibility to utilize your skill and education to positively effect the community at large. If you are using your GOD given skill and aquired education for personal gain, then you are not helping to progress a generation of new minds in a time of true change."

This was a subsatntial quote made by one of our members as we debated all day about the state of Music, Art, Fashion, and the communities we effect. The conclusion we came up with (just because we were running out of time) is that in our general locale we have individuals who go under the cloak of conciousness, but still have not made their presence felt by the body of indivduals that are less "enlightened" then they are. We charge all of you to try your best to look outside of yourselves and truly make an impact on your respective communities by adopting 4-5 projects that truly change someones life.

1. Provide a better quality of living for those that may not have as much access to the way of life we take for granted
2. Truly give youth and teen an opportunity that would have not been available otherwise (access to a career, educational training, mentorship etc.)
3. Utilize your small company to make a viable stance in the community for an issue that you see causes a disconnect between the masses (Gentrification, homelessness, etc.)

Make money responsibly and remember that the company you keep sometimes may keep you from making a great company. This is a very subjective post, but its something that needs to be said.

If you are interested in chiming in and becoming a YUME Member, e-mail for member info.



As you know we'll be posting periodically, as we prepare for phase 2 of the YUME life cycle. YUME had a very interesting conversation with a group of men and women a couple days ago about the femininity that is found in the male species these days, this of course lead to an offshoot conversation of the lack of men in "innercity" (lol @ innercity) households today and a slew of other statistically driven ideas and arguments.

Here is a blog you should read, it offeres loads of info and speaks on topics outside of "getting fly" An example of a great article from the site is below.

Interviewing in a Recession: How to Dress for a Job Interview in Hard Times

We are reminded daily that the economic outlook isn’t good; for those of us looking for work, it’s hard to imagine a worse scenario. Not only are there less jobs out there, the number and quality of people applying for them continues to rise. Interviews have gone from competitive to ultra-competitive.

This article deals with how to dress for a job interview. What you wear to an interview is important because it is a factor you can control, unlike other factors such as who will interview you or what questions will be asked. Not dressing appropriately is one of the most common ways job seekers shoot themselves in the foot; it immediately signals to the interviewer that you did not properly prepare and damages your chances for the position. In today’s ultracompetitive job market, why would you let something so simple get in your way?

Although focused on interviews that require a suit and tie, many of the tips and techniques translate into any situation in which you want to present yourself as a prime candidate for employment. These tips can stand alone if you are applying for an entry level position where only a button up shirt and nice slacks are required.

The Interview Suit

The good news is that the classical men’s suit style has remained the same for a hundred years. The bad news is that there are a lot of fashion suits out there that will become dated faster than you can purchase them. You need to ignore temporary fashion, and find what looks best on you. Remember three things when choosing a suit: Fit, Style, and Fabric.

Your Suit’s Fit
The majority of American men wear suits too large for them. The problem is a result of trying to fit into a garment made to fit as many men as possible. It is always a good investment to have anything bought off the rack adjusted by a competent tailor, but first you need to find one that comes close to fitting. When inspecting your suit’s fit, first ensure the chest and shoulders fit you snugly – you should have full freedom of movement with your arms and a few inches of room in the chest but not so tight as to form an “X” when buttoned. The jacket should be long enough to just cover your backside and not extend past your hand’s knuckles when your arms are held straight down. Ensure your sleeves show ½ inch of shirt cuff and that the jacket lapels lay flat on your chest. Finally there should be no bunching of fabric in the back near your neck ,and your jacket collar should show approximately ¾ of an inch of your shirt’s collar.

Your Suit’s Style
When it comes to interview suit style, go with a classic cut that is common in your country. In the United States, this is a single breasted, notched lapel, two or three button jacket with a single or double back vent and regular flap pockets. Ensure you have at least as many cuff buttons as you have front jacket buttons (four buttons on the sleeve is normal) and make sure you have a left breast pocket (on some trendy suits these are missing). Avoid patch pockets, peak lapels, and slanted side pockets (in the US) as all of these change the formality of the jacket and are best left to non-interview attire. Also pay close attention to the lapels; a trend right now is thin lapels, which if worn by a large man will make him look ridiculous. As for trousers, either flat or pleated slacks are fine, although pleated fronts are more formal and generally more comfortable. Cuffed bottoms look best on tall men while shorter men are advised to wear their trousers uncuffed; either is perfectly acceptable for an interview.

Your Suit’s Fabric
When selecting your suits fabric take into consideration its weave and color. Try to go with natural fibers, preferably worsted wool. If you choose a blend, ensure the synthetic fiber make-up is 40% or less. Although a blend may keep the price down, it will normally not last as long and may be less breathable. As to color choice, the safest selections are solids in navy blue, charcoal, and black. Although you can wear patterns such as pin stripes or colors such as brown or taupe, understand you will stand out.

The Dress Shirt

Again, focus on fit, style, and fabric. The dress shirt’s fit should be loose enough to allow a full range of movement but not so loose as to have excess fabric bunching up under the jacket. Your shirt should be long enough so that when you bend over, it does not un-tuck. You also want to be able to place two fingers in-between your neck and a buttoned collar – any more and it just looks too loose. Your cuffs should extend to the top of your hands, with approximately ½ inch of shirt cuff showing from under your jacket sleeve when your arms hang straight down. The cuff should not be too loose; you should have to unbutton it to remove it.

As for style, the collar type chosen should be based off of your facial structure. Men with long, thin faces look best in spread collars, while round faced men should look to even out their appearance with a point collar. Avoid button down collars in an interview, as they are the least formal. Normal barrel cuffs with one or two buttons are fine for interviews; avoid cufflinks unless you have the resume to back them up.

Your shirt’s fabric should be simple and non-flashy - white and blue solids are a staple and easy to find; those that desire more can transform these colors with a unique weave such as herringbone or oxford. Avoid colors such as lavender and pink and patterns such as checks, as they make an outfit less formal; stripes should only be worn if the wearer understands how to match patterns.

Your Tie

Interview ties should be conservative and made from silk. Solid or simple patterns in red, blue, or gold are all acceptable; however, a skilled dresser can often incorporate almost any non-attention grabbing color and pattern. Striped ties are a fine choice and come in a wide range of colors, but ensure the tie you choose is not sporting a regimental pattern. In the UK, memberships to military clubs and other groups are symbolized by certain ties. Wearing another man’s “Colors” can cause a confrontation and embarrassment. And unless it’s an interview over a meal, there is no reason to use a tie clip or pin (where it serves to hold a man’s tie in place). The key thing to remember is to keep it professional - avoid bright colors or designs that will draw undue attention.

Dress Shoes

Your shoes are the foundation of your outfit; do not skimp on this detail – they are as important as your suit. With that being said, anything well polished, dark, and not screaming “look at me!” will probably work in the US for an interview; in Europe they are generally more in tune to these details, so be careful. A plain or capped black oxford is always a safe choice; classic in nature, a quality pair will serve you well for years. Whichever shoes you choose, try to make sure they have round toes and closed lacing. By closed lacing, I mean that the two sides of the upper that are pulled together by the lacing are sewn under the front part of the shoe. A small detail, but it gives the foot a sleeker look and will ensure your shoe is the right choice for a suit. You should not wear slip-ons such as dress boots, loafers, or monkstraps, and avoid anything eccentric.


Your socks should match your slacks or shoes and be dark in color. The goal here is to not draw attention to your legs. This isn’t the time to sport the no sock/short sock look or try that new pair of flashy hosiery. If the socks are seen, they should appear to flow seamlessly between the shoes and trouser cuff. No White Socks!

Jewelry and the Interview

A wedding ring is always acceptable in an interview; anything else is fair game and left up to the interviewer’s personal views. I advise against wearing class rings or anything else on the fingers. As for watches, think less is more - keep it simple, understated, and please turn off the alarm. Although jewelry such as nose rings, eye piercings, and earrings have become more accepted in our society, these things are still considered out of the ordinary for many; you cannot wear something like this and not expect it to affect a person’s impression of you. Be yourself, but be aware of the consequences.


Get a haircut a week before the interview and ensure they trim around your neck and ears – consider grooming these two areas again the day before. Pay attention to the details - your nails should be clean and cut, your face appropriately shaven, and your hair should have been washed within the last 24 hours. It’s not a date, so avoid cologne and be careful with the aftershave; sometimes interviews are held in small rooms and you do not want to overpower your interviewer’s olfactory system.


You do not need to have your clothing dry cleaned, but everything you wear must be look and smell clean (no smoking around your interview clothing). Shirts should be ironed, shoes polished, and have a suit steamed to remove wrinkles. Have all of this done well in advance of the interview – saving this for the last minute is asking for trouble.

Remember This

Your interview attire will not get you a job – but failing to manage it can hurt your chances for a position. Your aim in dressing well is to present yourself in the best possible light throughout your interview. Wear clothing that fits, is made of quality material, and is appropriate for the interview. By doing these simple things you ensure the interviewer focuses on your skills and what you have to offer; not your appearance.

Written by Antonio Centeno
President, A Tailored Suit


Want your chance to perform at The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, here it is



Hey people! We're hard at work as usual getting ready to bring you the next level that is YUME. In the meantime we'll be taking a break from writing on the blog and we'll be back with a new design very soon. Keep your eyes peeled, and prepare for our London, Paris, Africa invasion over the next few months.



This year the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival will be giving a few individuals a chance to perform in front of thousands of people, we heard about this great opportunity from our family over at YUME Music, peep the info below, we can't wait to see the flier for this one whoa!!!

Brooklyn Bodega and YUME Music present

Show and Prove; Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival '09 MC Competition
Think you have what it takes to open up at the world renowned Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival?Show and Prove it.
Send your submissions to

Each month 5 artists will be selected to rock in front of BHF and Bodega Talent buying staff.

Each month we crown a winner. Then we pick the opener from the three finalists.
These events will serve as a warm up to the 5th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

Come support your favorite artist, the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and Hip-Hop culture.

Learn how you can do your part and SUPPORT CELEBRATE and REPRESENTIn 2009

everything changes
$5 suggested minimum donationFree giveaways from YUME and more
March 19th, April 16th and May 21st

@ Public Assembly - 70 N 6th Street btw Wythe & Kent Avenues (Williamsburg, BK) Trains: L to Bedford Avenue
Doors 9pm / 21+



Where will you be tommorow at 7pm, YUME for SPIT THAT! Yeah we know.
The members over at YUME Music shot us this video out of the UK, we figured we'd share it with you as well, make sure you continue to check them out



We are waiting on the pics, but man can you say LIVE! This by far had to be one of the best emerging artist events in the history of emerging events. The YUME Members over at YUME Music along with IMG did their thing! Keep your eyes peeled on you'll see some great footage and pics coming soon. Unfortunately we forgot our camera like idiots but we'll be sure to send some e-mails out so we can get footage of the event for ya. We heard the new YUME ART Collective member from Puerto Rico tore it down on the live art tip!

If you missed this one you did your self a great dis-service. Look out for pics coming soon.



Our members over at YUME Music will be hosting an event today alongside the marketing moguls over at IMG. Make sure you don't miss it. FRSH MUSIC FOR FREE!!!




Hey guys, if you've noticed our posts have gotten a little more cerebral, but it comes out of something grand and wonderful. This particular post looks to adress some comments that were held in our SPIT THAT! event this past Thursday (which happen every Thursday and in many ways is great food for the soul) which spoke to the ability for us (THE YUME community) to make a difference in today's world.

Here are some bullet points we took from the discussion to share with you:

  • Make tangible items that you can work on immediately
  • Lead by example or try your best to be the greatest example you can be
  • Do not feed into the system, make the system feed into you
  • Stop talking! DO SOMETHING!!
  • Believe in yourself and others will believe in you!!

It was a great discussion coupled with some great poetry, if you have never been to a WRITER'S BLOCK event or to the SPIT THAT! series, then you need to stop by it happens every Thursday.




So we got this e-mail from some of the YUME members who attended the Obama Inaugaration in a capacity some of us would kill to be in, but we are all one unit with unique skills, but a common goal. We figured we'd share it with you. It is quite inspiring, CHECK IT OUT.


"POST THIS TODAY!" (What a way to start off an e-mail huh?)

"Hey people, I know it has probably been crazy back home, but it is even crazier here. Pandimonium actualy. In the eve of this momentous time I figured I would write you guys an e-mail and have you post it online. We are quite the covert bunch but this is something people need to hear. Today I got the chance to shake a man's hand that will forever change the course of history. But as I reflected on this historical moment, I thought of a few things, YUME, how it began, what it has done so far, how much it has achieved in its short time in existence, how me and the other members got involved in it, blah blah blah.

Then I realized something, the word YUME means DREAM in Japanese, from the stories I have heard of the origins of how this word came to reperesent this movement, I now realize more than ever we truly have the power to change the current state of things for our generation and the one to follow. Now this might sound way too retrospective and like mindless cacauphony, but I promise it is not.

Since my emergence into "STREET WEAR" I have seen many things, I've gone to the parties, I've been in the offices, had the meetings. But truthfully I only felt a genuine love from a few. Now I know in business sincerity is scarce, but the culture of the streets has always been real, and in some cases a harsh reality for some.

We have companies sprouting every day and everyone says that the market is diluted. But lets look at the bigger picture. What is street wear? In my eyes I've always been a street wear head whether I wore an Obidient Sons shirt or a plain white t-shirt. The clothes do not define the movement or the man or woman leading the movement. Or does it? To the youth we work with at YUME it does. We see it all the time. Every kid is a gangsta, or they're all little Wayne or Kanye impersonators. The young ladies feel that their body is the key to a better life, and children at the age of 9 and 10 are having sex.

Of course we are not talking about upper middle class neighborhoods, or the upper crust of NYC. We're talking about the primary consumer of the "street wear culture." You call them the youth market, I call them the poor kids from the hood in cities like NYC. The swaggeristic blog posts and pictures of stupidity is only festering in the parts of the country where the youth are faced with a harsh reality, whether it be drugs, guns, poor education, no upward mobility, depression. I need not go on.

So what does that mean? Well clothing is the new crack, "the lifestyle brand" is the new heroin, and ladies and gentlemen CRACK IS BACK with a vengance. Too many irresponsible brands have decided to use their powers of influence to tell every kid "GO GET FLY" without really citing what else exists in the world. Now as a late 70s early 80s cat I know what it means to get fly, but the residual moral status quo existed from the prior years, The residual civil rights movement is an example of that, as it existed all through the 80s and birthed quie a few intellectually sound arguments in the shape of HIP HOP, GRAFFITI, etc.(which truly did not end until Obama won the nomination to run for President). Today there is no status quo.

YUME has and always will be a movement that pushes the limits, we are launching numerous projects that will allow our MUSIC, ART, and FASHION to do what we do best, re-route these efforts into supporting the community at large. And for all of you fools still peddling crack to the kids, OBAMA is not a fashion statement he is an inspiration, it is our job to PROGRESS A GENERATION of young lost minds. Make your money but do it responsibly, open up the other parts of your world so they can see how to become succesful, teach and re-educate their minds to understand its not all about getting fly. That clothing is one part of personal presentation.

Teach them that education is key (With the ever growing educational gap this is key),
Teach them the ills of marketing and advertising and how to maneuver around what theysee and hear so they can make better informed decisions.
Teach them not to buy into the "brand" unless they truly have a connection with the mantra or belief system
Teach them sometime you buy fly shit just to be fly, but really being fashionable is being succesful and true success is a gift that you must share by sharing your process with those that are lost or wavering
If you need help teaching we're good at this e-mail us

We all remember the days of collecting sneakers (I still do) and chasing women. But to actually sell the dream that being 40 years old, hitting the clubs every night and not being socially responsible for yourself or others is ok is a disgrace. Especially when you're doing it to kids who don't come from the same circumstances as most of the people creating these brands. Most of our meetings with the members are these conversations of progressing a generation through these tough times with MUSIC, ART, FASHION, AND COMMUNITY, with a strong emphasis on community. Though most of us come from the oppoiste side of the fence, we know the "target market" alot better than most. We hear about their woes, and their concerns. We see them go home content with the fact they may die tommorow. We will not stand to watch them be further corrupted by the "lifestyle brand." We will stay true and hold fast to our beliefs as we always have.

But we will no longer associate ourselves with any company that is not about raising the status quo and Progressing a generation of new thinkers. OBAMA said YES WE CAN! Now it is up to us to make sure we do.


"POST THIS TODAY! and make sure you correct my spelling." (Sheesh the life of an intern lol, I love YUME)

If you want to make a comment or retort e-mail us at lets get the dialogue going.


So YUME MUSIC shot this over to us today! It's a funny video, and you know where we'll be on January 27th, 2009. Rumor has it Al from THE MINORITY REPORT will be hosting. No not greeting you at the door and wooing the women like he normally does but actually hosting on stage. Peep the video, much love to our YUME Music family.




YUME Music , YUME, and a few freinds have gotten together to launch one of the most innovative events in the history of NYC. THE VERSUS SERIES launches Saturday February 28th, 2009 @ YUME and will happen concurrently every last Saturday at YUME until June. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled as we will be blasting the info through the BLOGOSPHERE very soon.

All procedes from THE VERSUS SERIES will go to the YUME "BRICK by BRICK" fund, which will help to create a new innovative facility for NYC residents that has never been seen on American Soil. To join history become timeless e-mail




Don't know what to say really, other than BE THERE!
For info e-mail us


It was a fun filled night, art lovers braved the weather coming from as far as Ohio, Philadelphia, and The Bronx. Check out some pics and make sure you stop by to check out the exhibit, e-mail us if you'd like to stop by during appointment hours.













Thursday January 22nd, 2009 Spit That returns for another 8 week installment at YUME, Make sure you do not miss out. This is certainly one of the best places to be on a cold Thursday night. We have enough love to warm your insides, with host RIP & DJ CHARLIE BROWNE, you will certainly have a great time. Entry is limited this time around, so please make sure you get there early.




Make sure to check out for all your YUME Music needs.


We are hard at work getting geared up to release some very cool projects from THE YUME PRIVATE LABEL. You can look out for UK artist collabs being released under YUME: ART in February & March, and our Spring / Summer Private Label offerings in April. Be sure to look out, in the meantime make sure you check in with us for other goodies.


What are they talking about? hmmmmmmmm


Have you binfluenced YUME in 2007-2008 if so we may be reaching out to you for a very cool project we are looking to release June 2009, Make sure you keep looking out for your e-mails.




It's a new year so we figured we would keep you up to date with some new/old projects that we don't really talk about. YUME Music has been in existence for sometime but we recently decided to bring you up to date info via our blog Make sure you check out the blog, peep the projects, and stay on top of what is happening in the YUME MUSIC WORLD. If you can't remember the link you can view the latest post link in the sidebar.


Mickey Factz & Peter Hadar @ The YUME Loft


Yes people SPIT THAT! will be returning for another 8 week installment at YUME. Make sure you stop by January 22nd, 2009 7pm - 11pm as we kick off the new year in the WRITER'S BLOCK X YUME fashion. If you have not been to one yet, then here is your chance!




The Brooklyn Tee Party will be hosting yet another phenominal set of artists over at YUME, it is a must attend event as we welcome two artists who have been ripping through the seams of the art world. We're excited, you should be too! See you there




Sorry for the delay in posting, we're back and better than ever. We have tons of projects going on. Get ready for a wonderful year. We hope to see you soon.