So we have neglected the blog for a couple of days, YUME is always busy and so are its many members. But we figured we'd take the time to write an apology blog. So we have made it back to NYC we were in a few different places but NEW ORLEANS was by far one of the most important stops. Politics, Art, Fashion, Music, and Community were all important things on the agenda.

As we catch our breath make sure you stop by Thursday December 18th for THE WRITER'S BLOCK event which will be taking place at THE BOWERY POETRY CLUB, Where YUME's DJ CHARLIE BROWNE will be breaking down the 1s and 2s alongside MELO - X.

FYI : THERE WILL BE NO YUME NEW YEARS PARTY THIS YEAR, we have decided to prepare for the New Year in a different fashion, but we do look forward to seeing you guys in the coming year.


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