YUME had a very surreal conversation the other day in reference to the growing number of growing opportunists in the ever changing community in Brooklyn today. Normally we focus more on the global spectrum of things (as YUME is all colors, shapes, and sizes) but we felt it necessary to hone in on this element of the local community at large.

"It is your resonsibility to utilize your skill and education to positively effect the community at large. If you are using your GOD given skill and aquired education for personal gain, then you are not helping to progress a generation of new minds in a time of true change."

This was a subsatntial quote made by one of our members as we debated all day about the state of Music, Art, Fashion, and the communities we effect. The conclusion we came up with (just because we were running out of time) is that in our general locale we have individuals who go under the cloak of conciousness, but still have not made their presence felt by the body of indivduals that are less "enlightened" then they are. We charge all of you to try your best to look outside of yourselves and truly make an impact on your respective communities by adopting 4-5 projects that truly change someones life.

1. Provide a better quality of living for those that may not have as much access to the way of life we take for granted
2. Truly give youth and teen an opportunity that would have not been available otherwise (access to a career, educational training, mentorship etc.)
3. Utilize your small company to make a viable stance in the community for an issue that you see causes a disconnect between the masses (Gentrification, homelessness, etc.)

Make money responsibly and remember that the company you keep sometimes may keep you from making a great company. This is a very subjective post, but its something that needs to be said.

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