So yesterday amongst all of the reaaranging, painting, and revamping of space, we found some time to really sit and kick it about a bunch of different things. It was a great meeting of the minds with SNAPPS & DAPPS, AL (Moniroty Report), and some new YUME FAMILY that we will reveal at a later date and time. We spoke about everything from politics, to philosophy, to the culture we at YUME hold dear to our hearts. All of this culminating into an event you will not want to miss on APRIL 26TH, 2008 @ YUME.

WINE TASTING, BODY PAINTING, DOPE MUSIC, THE LO END THEORY, AN EVEN DOPER CROWD, NEW FACES, AND AN ALL AROUND LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. Make sure you check your inboxes, and the blogs to see the flier and complete info. You do not want to find yourself on the tail end of a phone convo telling you how dope the event was and what you missed.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY The Minority Report X Bend 31 X YUME Hosted by: PETER HADAR

Pic from one of our past events :-) If you were not there, boy did you miss out

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