So we got this e-mail from some of the YUME members who attended the Obama Inaugaration in a capacity some of us would kill to be in, but we are all one unit with unique skills, but a common goal. We figured we'd share it with you. It is quite inspiring, CHECK IT OUT.


"POST THIS TODAY!" (What a way to start off an e-mail huh?)

"Hey people, I know it has probably been crazy back home, but it is even crazier here. Pandimonium actualy. In the eve of this momentous time I figured I would write you guys an e-mail and have you post it online. We are quite the covert bunch but this is something people need to hear. Today I got the chance to shake a man's hand that will forever change the course of history. But as I reflected on this historical moment, I thought of a few things, YUME, how it began, what it has done so far, how much it has achieved in its short time in existence, how me and the other members got involved in it, blah blah blah.

Then I realized something, the word YUME means DREAM in Japanese, from the stories I have heard of the origins of how this word came to reperesent this movement, I now realize more than ever we truly have the power to change the current state of things for our generation and the one to follow. Now this might sound way too retrospective and like mindless cacauphony, but I promise it is not.

Since my emergence into "STREET WEAR" I have seen many things, I've gone to the parties, I've been in the offices, had the meetings. But truthfully I only felt a genuine love from a few. Now I know in business sincerity is scarce, but the culture of the streets has always been real, and in some cases a harsh reality for some.

We have companies sprouting every day and everyone says that the market is diluted. But lets look at the bigger picture. What is street wear? In my eyes I've always been a street wear head whether I wore an Obidient Sons shirt or a plain white t-shirt. The clothes do not define the movement or the man or woman leading the movement. Or does it? To the youth we work with at YUME it does. We see it all the time. Every kid is a gangsta, or they're all little Wayne or Kanye impersonators. The young ladies feel that their body is the key to a better life, and children at the age of 9 and 10 are having sex.

Of course we are not talking about upper middle class neighborhoods, or the upper crust of NYC. We're talking about the primary consumer of the "street wear culture." You call them the youth market, I call them the poor kids from the hood in cities like NYC. The swaggeristic blog posts and pictures of stupidity is only festering in the parts of the country where the youth are faced with a harsh reality, whether it be drugs, guns, poor education, no upward mobility, depression. I need not go on.

So what does that mean? Well clothing is the new crack, "the lifestyle brand" is the new heroin, and ladies and gentlemen CRACK IS BACK with a vengance. Too many irresponsible brands have decided to use their powers of influence to tell every kid "GO GET FLY" without really citing what else exists in the world. Now as a late 70s early 80s cat I know what it means to get fly, but the residual moral status quo existed from the prior years, The residual civil rights movement is an example of that, as it existed all through the 80s and birthed quie a few intellectually sound arguments in the shape of HIP HOP, GRAFFITI, etc.(which truly did not end until Obama won the nomination to run for President). Today there is no status quo.

YUME has and always will be a movement that pushes the limits, we are launching numerous projects that will allow our MUSIC, ART, and FASHION to do what we do best, re-route these efforts into supporting the community at large. And for all of you fools still peddling crack to the kids, OBAMA is not a fashion statement he is an inspiration, it is our job to PROGRESS A GENERATION of young lost minds. Make your money but do it responsibly, open up the other parts of your world so they can see how to become succesful, teach and re-educate their minds to understand its not all about getting fly. That clothing is one part of personal presentation.

Teach them that education is key (With the ever growing educational gap this is key),
Teach them the ills of marketing and advertising and how to maneuver around what theysee and hear so they can make better informed decisions.
Teach them not to buy into the "brand" unless they truly have a connection with the mantra or belief system
Teach them sometime you buy fly shit just to be fly, but really being fashionable is being succesful and true success is a gift that you must share by sharing your process with those that are lost or wavering
If you need help teaching we're good at this e-mail us yumeuk@gmail.com.

We all remember the days of collecting sneakers (I still do) and chasing women. But to actually sell the dream that being 40 years old, hitting the clubs every night and not being socially responsible for yourself or others is ok is a disgrace. Especially when you're doing it to kids who don't come from the same circumstances as most of the people creating these brands. Most of our meetings with the members are these conversations of progressing a generation through these tough times with MUSIC, ART, FASHION, AND COMMUNITY, with a strong emphasis on community. Though most of us come from the oppoiste side of the fence, we know the "target market" alot better than most. We hear about their woes, and their concerns. We see them go home content with the fact they may die tommorow. We will not stand to watch them be further corrupted by the "lifestyle brand." We will stay true and hold fast to our beliefs as we always have.

But we will no longer associate ourselves with any company that is not about raising the status quo and Progressing a generation of new thinkers. OBAMA said YES WE CAN! Now it is up to us to make sure we do.


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