So for some reason today I was lost thinking it was Wed. all day, LOL Thinking I had lost a day, I worked diligently to finish stocking the store, make sure I got to UNITED next Monday and Tuesday, prepared for my trip to Japan, and then it hit me "IT'S ONLY TUESDAY!" You can surely loose track of time when you are grinding, but now the days are blurring LOL

Anyway here are the updates:

- Our creative director Jemal will begin our "PAINT YOUR DREAM!" project in the store. First up will be Shiro as she has to head back to Japan at the end of the month.

- The construction will be done sooner than later, and we are working out some kinks we've been running into. (CAN'T WAIT TO REVEAL THE STORE, THEN WE CAN POST PICTURES OF THE STORE ON A REGULAR BASIS SHEESH!)

- Working on a few collabs with some dope people and dope brands so we can get it popping. Look out for our FREINDS & FAMILY EDITION sweatshirts (just caught a chill)

- Organizing our year of events so we can always keep you submerged in THE BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE

Other than that, we are still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we are actually opening a store and not selling our souls to do it. SHEESH! Independent thinking and orginization go a long way.


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