So we've been riding on blogspot for a minute and we really love it, it shows alot of our change and growth throughout the past year. And as we get closer to our 1 year anniversary (October 1, 2008), we will be making quite a few changes. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled as we have alot in the works, new names, new spaces, new places, and new people, all thanks to THE NEW REGIME. We want to thank you for your conitnued support and are really looking forward to our grand re-opening in September.

In the meantime we have more than enough parties, sponsored events, bbqs, socials, wine tastings, and community projects to keep you in the family. All in the name of good FASHION, MUSIC, ART, & the benefit of the COMMUNITY. Make sure you stay tuned.


Random pic of FRESH DAILY who recently visited YUME for the first time, Big ups to him for passing through, cain and all

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