So I was bouncing around on myspace, and decided to hit up my man PRINT with a friend request. I wound up hitting up one of his freinds Charlie Browne, another dope Brooklyn, NY MC (His music is playing on our myspace page). As it goes on myspace, I went to his freinds page and bounced around. I ended up on this cat Sphere Of Influence's page. Dope beats, dope music, and he seems to have a real swagger about him.

Check out his page (, listen to his music, and make sure you leave him a comment. We need more music like this over here in the states for real!! Lets see if we can get him to collab with some of our YUME BKNY FAM! CHECK THE PICS BELOW. We will be posting on artists we bump into from other countries on our blog at least once a month.

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