So I know I told you guys I would keep you up to date on what's going on and some of our trials and tribulations when it comes to opening a store. So here it is, I have a few updates.

Jemal from 101 Nine will be meeting with us this Sunday to discuss "THE MURAL PROJECT" for YUME BKNY. If you haven't seen his work scroll down a couple posts and check it out, we made a little slide show for you. We'll be going over who our guest artists will be, materials, and how much more broke we will be after this is done. LOL

Melvin will also be along for that meeting, he's our resident Architect, CEO of his own firm, and he will be letting us know how realistic we are being in our concept for the store etc. and will tell us what our viable deadline will be to build our top secret prize piece in our space. He's the man and has already forwarded us some 3D specs that are off the hook!!! You da man Melvin!!

Hmmmm what else, We get our summer shipment of Garbege in next week as well as our summer shipment in from Rasu (Coup D' etat)with a taste of some Fall stuff, this weekend as well. We're locking up our last bit of lines.... (Quick sidebar, listen all of you dope indie, underground lines, if you have dope stuff, you really need to make sure you have a mode of contact, e-mail adress, myspace page, etc. And that you respond to us in a timely fashion. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!! We support dope clothes! But this is a business and we expect you to handle yours properly!) Now back to out regularly scheduled programming.

Got a very gracious response from Kiser today, summer is a wrap, but damn we are looking forward to pumping their Fall Crack, in the store. IHMDJ (I HATE MY DAY JOB) also responded and we're gonna see what we can work out with them. Gold Coin did too, very dope line, they get some flack from the "MAN" but I think they have good concepts and are going in a good direction and will be a great addition to YUME.

THE PARTIES WILL NOT STOP!! We are planning our year of events in the next few weeks, so we will make sure you get all of the updates and know what's going on. This includes all of our fun getaways, field trips, shin digs, and whatever else we can think of to help us get through the year and pay our rent!!! LOL

HMMMMMMMM.... I guess you've read long enough, check out some dope pics from Kiser below and make sure to visit kiserny.com and buy some hot ish off of their online store for the summer!

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