Hey people, if you missed out on last nights Kaliedescope over at Sputnik (dope spot in Brooklyn www.barsputnik.com) you missed out on history. The YUME BKNY crew was in there hardcore, we saw some of the dopest art in existence from my man Jemal over at 101 Nine Studios, and we have to give it up to some of the most talented cats on the rise. They deffinitely are rebirthing Hip Hop in a way that is so nastalgic of early Rawkus days.

Outasight, Rahsaan,and Kapps rocked the dopest 45 minute consecutive sets I have ever seen. I mean why don't these dudes have deals. I'd go to a concert with these cats on the bill anyday. check them out if you get a chance


Peep the pic of Outasight tearing it down!!

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