So I've been so busy trying to get things ready for the store that I forgot to post. (How do you guys do this?) LOL But check it we took a little trip the day before yesterday kind of like a class trip and stopped at some of my favorite spots in NYC (just a few). Since our boy PRINT is performing at the BROOKLYN HIP HOP FESTIVAL we figured it'd be dope to stop around to the SOHO -NOHO shops and drop off tickets, I mean who wouldn't want to see Ghostface rock along side talent like PRINT, TANYA MORGAN, EMILY KING, and a bunch of other dope ass acts, that you should feel proud to support.

In our travels we bumped into my man Tokyo Kareem (AKA The Japan Connect), My little man Frankie (Boys and Girls H.S. grad, and a pretty decent ball player, OFF TO COLLEGE PLAYA!), and a bunch of other heads who are deffinitely YUME friends & familys. We also stopped at Burton had to window shop on that one, there are like 2 items I have to get. Stay tuned for pics on that shoppin trip!

Oh yeah can't forget we stopped by MEMES and spoke to Yuki, my inspiration for starting YUME. Gonna go back today and drop some tickets for her to come to the festival and kick it a little something about the boutique business. I'll be posting later, with some cool pics. So make sure you stop by. I'M ON THE GRIND PEOPLE! THE MYSPACE PAGE IS COMING SOON SO LOOK OUT FOR THAT!!!

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