We recieved an e-mail from THE NEW REGIME, and were instructed to post it, We love how they think and appreciate their understanding of YUME. PEEP THE WORDS BELOW, SIMPLE YET INSIGHTFUL.

When you think of YUME, we would like you to think of the values we associate ourselves with and pride ourselves on as our core values or foundation (MUSIC, ART, FASHION,& COMMUNITY) as well as the goods we retail and sell. This is the reason why the blog is written and updated daily, with our newly solidifed relationship, we invite all of you to take part in the YUME EXPERIENCE, a GLOBAL experience. As you know we are constantly morphing and keeping our faithful friends and family up to date with the happenings at YUME.

In the coming week we will dedicate ourselves to posting at least 1 post a day pertaining to:

MUSIC (sales, sponsored events, concerts and tours, new artists)
ART (sales, new projects, art collaborations, auctions)
FASHION (sales, new arrivals, future projects)
COMMUNITY PROJECTS (community improvement projects, community involvement, development of our global community,development of our local community)

This will help those who read our blog faithfully or those who are just passing by get a better vision of who we are as YUME. As a retail location we like to think of ourselves as a place where everyone can EXPERIENCE all of our core values cohesively, by just walking into any space we occupy that is representative of YUME. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to you joining THE YUME FAMILY.



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  1. Taybot February 14, 2008 at 5:41 AM

    My name's Taybot. I'm an MC from Seattle. You got a dope blog, I found out about it thru Dope Style. I added ya to my blog links on the sidebar). Can you add me please? My site is www.taybot3.com.