Yeah I know it sounds pretty crazy right? Well we thought so too when, THE NEW REGIME, gave us a call and told us that some gentlemen at KENNETH COLE wanted to speak with us on the emerging trends in sub-cultural followings. We thought we were in A. DREAM for real. But fortunately for us THE NEW REGIME takes care of its people. The meeting was more informational than anything and really gave YUME a great insight into what larger corporate companies do when it comes to the design process and handling relationships so as to become a staple in the fashion and lifestyle community. KENNETH COLE becomes 25 years old this year and YUME hopes to survive just as long.

We really want to thank THE NEW REGIME, and our new YUME FAM at KENNETH COLE for taking the time out to meet with YUME, we know you guys are busy over there rolling out the new seasons. Look out for some of the things we learned in the YUME experience. We want our corporate communications guide to look just as dope as KENNETH COLE'S. Even though we are more artistically based by nature and focus on ART, MUSIC, FASHION, & COMMUNITY we can still learn from a veteran in the game.

It was also very nice to see that a company as large as KENNETH COLE is based on community improvement and has a very strong platform for social change. I mean with fellowships in the millions and programs designed to help with HIV and AIDS advocacy, it is only right that we look to KENNETH as somewhat of a mentor, we hope to make just as much change in the world as well. THANKS AGAIN TO THE NEW REGIME YOU GUYS ARE ON POINT!



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