So as you know YUME has always been a strong supporter of good music, so much that we have incorporated it into our CORE VALUES, which govern alot of what we do in our daily operations. YUME:MUSIC posts will highlight and focus on music projects, music we sell, and our over all affinity for everything music related and how you can take part in these things through your YUME experience.

Today we are highlighting Hip Hop sensation AMANDA DIVA. If you have never seen her live this Friday will be a good opportunity as she will be stopping by to bless us with her lyrical stylings and also will be dropping off her CDs to sell at YUME as well. Peep the bio, pics, and info below.



Before being recognized as a singer/ songwriter/ emcee, in the summer of 2001 she burst onto the poetry scene as a spoken word poet who’s style, an energetic blend of hip-hop and Black history, humor and intensity, strength and intelligence, stood out from the then exploding poetry scene. Her respect in the community grew quickly and only a year later she was featured on Russell Simmon’s hit series Def Poetry Jam (’02 & ‘05). Soon she was performing across the nation hitting the stages of college campuses and alongside greats like the legendary Last Poets, Kurtis Blow and Nikki Giovanni.

Aside from her deep roots in the poetry world many came to know the Grenadian-American as the “face of hip-hop” for MTV2, as a member of the Atlanta based dj crew "The Aphilliates,” for her top rated morning show “Breakfast at Diva’s” on Sirius Satellite Radio’s HipHopNation/40, on air Monday through Friday from 6am-12pm est, and as a contributor for XXL Magazine and AllHipHop.com. Crossing those three distinctive media outlets, she is a sought after interviewer who has sat down with the likes of Jay-Z, Nas, Outkast, 50 Cent, The Roots, Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, and more.

Yet, though many know Amanda Diva as a personality dedicated to supporting and promoting good music what they don’t know is she makes good music as well. Until now. Fresh off the 21 city Floetry Remix tour as the newest member of the Grammy Award duo, Amanda has replaced Natalie Stewart’s “Rhymstress” as the new “Lyri-Sista” she has successfully made the transition from poet to recording artist. After releasing the widely praised, “It’s Bigger than Hip-hop, The Mixtape: Vol. 1” (2004) which combined her poems with today and yesterday’s hottest beats Deev made the decision to do what many in the poetry world have tried but failed to do, make the jump to commercial music. To do so she reinvented her sound putting together a band consisting of drums, bass, keys, and the conga, and converting her poetic style to an old school flow complimented by her sultry vocals.

That sound debuted on her “Still Sucka Free Vol. 1” mixtape hosted by acclaimed dj Mick Boogie which continued to build the momentum of her movement. Supported heavily in the press, Scratch Magazine said, “Amanda is a breath of fresh air. Not only is her pen as sharp as OJ’s knife she can story tell with the best of them.” (Feb ’07) With the ability to skillfully switch between rapping and singing, Miss Diva’s unique talent makes her stand out amongst an industry of carbon copies and one hit wonders. Addressing issues of politics as well as everyday occurrences and headaches that everyone deals with, Amanda Diva puts them in an explosive rhyme/song format that forces the highest sadiddy to come down to earth, and the most thorough thug to awaken his intellect. Embarking on a new venture Deev, self-released “LIFE EXPERIENCE,” the first in The EXPERIENCE Trilogy, a three part series of EP’s, in December ’07. It’s time for the world to get to know Amanda Diva not only as a host, poet, writer, but also as an explosive performer and talented artist with more than just something to say. Working on stage and in the studio with such artists and legends as Q-Tip, Questlove, James Poyser, Chamillionaire, Kwame’, Green Lantern, Marsha Ambrosius of Floetry she is wo-manning a movement toward bringing back music that the people cannot only listen to, but live to.



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